Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Competence of Rent a car in Chandigarh

rent a car in chandigarh from travelocar
Chandigarh charm and welcomes visitors with its myriad natural and man made places. The place is vital for tourists and even entrepreneurs looking to venture in trade or service sector. Though considered to be small city, there are myriad potentials here that are worth to discover:-
  1. Street Delicacies:- when it comes to pampering your taste buds with finger licking North Indian style delicacies the city is totally impeccable. Near the student Centre, Punjab University you could just have variety of them.

  1. Night life:- There is lot of enticing options when it comes to fancy clubs and restaurants. In order to give the ease of convenience, you could have the benefits of 24/7 Car hiring services.

  1. Relaxation:- The meticulously planned city gives you umpteen choices with many things. You could relax in the lap of nature at Nepli Reserve forest or leisure forests. In order to give you perfect ease of convenience, the TravelOCar car rental services in Chandigarh there are mineral water bottle, mobile charger, tissue paper and English papers for every fleet.

  1. Street shopping options:- The city remains colorful and gives compulsive solutions to all shopping lovers. The places like Rehri Market are simply worth to see and shop. The niche car rental service providers do have transparent billing system and seamless confirmation policy.

  1. Boat rides at Sukhana Lake:- Different style of boats gives a perfect treat to your camera lens; the boat rides at Sukhana Lake and amazing sun set views. Rent a car in Chandigarh From TravelOCar can be done through online booking or simply by calling toll free number 180030003174.

  1. Corporate destinations:- Not just picturesque views, Chandigarh has outgrown itself with lot of commercial activities. The best part of outreaching the experts is right from premium to economic class, you could avail variety of options.


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